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How much does it cost?

Touchless Menus are only $10 each and are a lifetime product. If a Touchless Menu is damaged, simply return it and we will replace it. For those establishments that do not have an existing online menu, Touchless Menu can host your menu for just $10 per month with a subscription to Touchless Menu + Premium.

How many do I need to order?

We recommend that you order 1 Touchless Menu per table or 1 Touchless Menu per six guests for larger tables. In bar seating, we recommend 1 per three guests. We recommend these numbers to give your guests constant access to your Touchless Menu without inconveniencing other members of their party.

Do I need a special app to use Touchless Menu?

You do not need a special app to use Touchless Menu. Touchless Menu is displayed using the phone’s native browser. NFC enabled smartphones will be able to view the menu by simply tapping their phone to the Touchless Menu. The QR code can be read by simply opening the camera app on the phone and viewing the Touchless Menu.

Can I have multiple menus?

With Touchless Menu + Premium you can display multiple menus through your Touchless Menu. Simply enter links to your existing menus or upload unlimited .pdf menus. Touchless Menu + Premium costs only $10 per month and comes with additional features such displaying certain menus during specific meal periods.

What if I don’t have an existing online menu?

With Touchless Menu + Premium, you can put your menu online without the costs of building a website. Your menu also comes with a unique URL for you to use on your social media or any marketing materials to link to your online menu.

How do I update my menu?

For those that have their menu already on their website, you can update your menu using your existing website and system. With Touchless Menu + Premium, you can simply upload your .pdf menu and it will be updated immediately. With Touchless Menu, you can update your menu instantly from anywhere.

What about guests who want a physical menu?

Some guests will still appreciate a tactile or physical menu. Our customers have a couple printed, disposable menus on hand for these guests.

Will older guests be able to use it?

Touchless Menu is simple to use making it quick and easy to educate your guests on how to use it. Young and old, guests can zoom in making the font easier to read and the menu is always bright enough to view in any lighting.

How does it work?

Touchless Menu provides two ways for your guests to view your digital menu. First, guests can simply TAP their phone to the Touchless Menu utilizing Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology which is available in over 100+ common smartphone types. Second, guests can scan the small QR code using their phone’s native camera app. The camera will recognize the QR code and prompt the guest to view your menu.

Touchless Menu can link to your existing online menu that is hosted on your website, or you can easily upload your .pdf menu to Touchless Menu + Premium.

Can I get a sample to try?

Yes. Simply order 1 Touchless Menu and we will send it to you within the same business day. If you decide to bring Touchless Menu into your establishment, your design and menu will already be set up making ordering quick and easy.

What do I need to order my Touchless Menu?

Touchless Menu is quick and easy to order. All you need is your logo and a link to, or .pdf of, your menu. Order your quantity and you’re done. Touchless Menu ships out within 24 hours of ordering.

How do they stay on the table?

Touchless Menu comes with removable and reusable adhesive pads that keep them secure to your tables. You can also place them on walls, windows or wherever you’d like.

Is there a monthly fee?

Touchless Menu does not require a monthly subscription to use. Touchless Menu + Premium offers additional services including unlimited .pdf menu hosting for those that do not already have their menu online. Touchless Menu + Premium is only $10 per month.